affair 134 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
air bare bear blare care
chair dare err fair faire
fare flair flare glare hair
hare heir lair mare pair
pare pear prayer quare rare
scare share snare spare square
stair stare swear tare tear
their there they're ware wear
2 syllables:
affair airfare armchair aware beware
bugbear carfare coheir compare cookware
corsair cudbear day-care declare despair
eclair elsewhere ensnare fanfare flatware
footwear forbear forebear foreswear forswear
foursquare glassware hardware horsehair impair
knitwear longhair menswear midair mohair
neckwear nightmare nightwear nowhere outwear
plowshare prepare repair shorthair software
somewhere sportswear stemware stoneware threadbare
tinware unfair voltaire warfare welfare
wheelchair wirehair zaire  
3 syllables:
aftercare anywhere billionaire chinaware debonair
delaware derriere dinnerware disrepair doctrinaire
earthenware everywhere functionaire graniteware hollowware
ironware kitchenware legionnaire maidenhair medicare
metalware millionaire overbear portiere questionnaire
silverware solitaire tableware thoroughfare unaware
underwear woodenware  
4 or more syllables:
concessionaire enamelware multimillionaire  

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