blackmail 125 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:

ail ale baal bail bale braille
dale fail flail frail gale grail
hail hale jail kale mail male
nail pail pale quail rail sail
sale scale shale snail stale swale
tail tale they'll trail vail vale
veil wail wale whale yale  

Two-syllable rhymes:

airedale airmail assail avail bewail blackmail
blacktail bobtail broadtail bucktail cattail clydesdale
coattail cocktail contrail curtail derail detail
doornail dovetail ducktail entail exhale fantail


female fishscale fishtail folktale foresail fox-tail
full-scale glendale guardrail handrail hangnail headsail
hightail hobnail horsetail impale inhale mainsail
missmail oxtail pass-fail percale pigtail pintail
pinwale prevail rattail regale remail resale
retail ringtail shirttail taffrail telltale thumbnail
toenail topsail travail unveil upscale wagtail
wassail wholesale        

Three-syllable rhymes:

abigail bloomingdale carbondale chippendale cottontail countervail
disentail fingernail ginger-ale martingale monorail nightingale
ponytail swallowtail tattletale yellowtail    

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