borrowed 131 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
bode bowed code crowed flowed
glowed goad hoed load lode
lowed mode mowed node ode
owed road rode rowed sewed
shewed showed slowed snowed sowed
spode stowed strode toad toed
towed woad yod    
Two-syllable rhymes:
abode anode armload bellowed bestowed
billowed borrowed burrowed byroad carload
caseload cathode commode corrode crossroad
decode diode echoed elbowed encode
erode explode farrowed followed forbode
forebode freeload furloughed furrowed geode
hallowed harrowed highroad hollowed implode
inroad joyrode kayoed lassoed locoed
mellowed narrowed off-load outmode payload
pillowed planeload railroad reflowed reload
shadowed shipload soloed sorrowed stuccoed
swallowed tangoed tiptoed trainload tramroad
triode truckload unload vetoed wallowed
widowed windowed winnowed workload yellowed
Three-syllable rhymes:
a-la-mode buffaloed discommode eisteddfod electrode
embargoed episode foreshadowed imbargoed incommode
mimeoed nematode overflowed overload overrode
palinode pigeon-toed porticoed radioed reechoed
torpedoed trematode underload unhallowed  
Four-or-more syllable rhymes:
manifestoed mustachioed overshadowed    

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