bull 59 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
bull full pull wool  
2 syllables:
armful artful bagful bagsful bowlful
brimful capful capsule chock-full chuckfull
cupful cupsful earful eyeful fistful
forkful glassful handful handsful houseful
jarful jugful lapful mouthful pailful
panful pipeful plateful potful push-pull
roomful sackful scoopful spadeful spoonful
spoonsful tankful toadstool  
3 syllables:
basketful bellyful bottleful bottlesful bucketful
nonvisual overfull pocketful shovelful shovelsful
tableful teacupful teaspoonful teaspoonsful thimbleful
4 or more syllables:
eyedropperful tablespoonful  

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