76 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
awes blahs bras cause caws
claus clause claws craws draws
flaws gauze gnaws haws jaws
laws maws oz pause paws
saws shahs spas squaws straws
taws thaws twas vase was
2 syllables:
applause babas because bucksaws bylaws
choctaws forepaws gewgaws grandmas grandpas
guffaws hacksaws handsaws hooplas hurrahs
jackdaws jackstraws kickshaws lamaze macaws
outlaws papaws pashas rickshas rickshaw
rickshaws ripsaws seesaws southpaws subclause
3 syllables:
alohas chickasaws chihuahuas chippewas denouements
jinrikishas korunas mackinaws menopause omahas
overawes overdraws santa-claus  
4 or more syllables:

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