cold 85 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
bold bowled cold doled foaled
fold gold hold holed mold
mould old poled polled rolled
scold scrolled sold soled strolled
told tolled trolled wold  
2 syllables:
bankrolled behold billfold blindfold cajoled
condoled consoled controlled enfold enrolled
extolled fanfold fivefold foothold foretold
fourfold freehold handhold household ice-cold
infold leasehold outsold paroled patrolled
pinfold potholed remold resold resoled
sheepfold stone-cold stronghold tenfold threefold
threshold toehold twofold unfold unpolled
unrolled unsold untold uphold withhold
3 syllables:
buttonholed centerfold copyhold decontrolled hundredfold
manifold manyfold marigold overbold oversold
pigeonholed unconsoled uncontrolled undersold unenrolled

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