complex 95 End Rhymes

One-syllable words:
checks czechs decks flecks flex
hex lex necks pecks rex
sex specks specs tex treks
vex wrecks      
Two-syllable words:
annex apex aztecs bedecks codex
complex convex corrects cortex crooknecks
deflects desex duplex effects flyspecks
henpecks ibex index infects inflects
injects kleenex kopecks kopeks lastex
latex mx narthex neglects objects
paychecks perplex pollex protects px
pyrex rechecks rednecks reflects reflex
roughnecks scolex shipwrecks silex simplex
spandex telex triplex unsex vertex
vortex wrynecks xebecs    
Three-syllable words:
afterdecks biconvex bottlenecks circumflex discotheques
interjects leathernecks littlenecks multiplex pbx
quarterdecks recollects reconnects redirects reelects
reinspects resurrects retroflex rubbernecks subcortex
turtlenecks unisex      
Four-or-more syllable words:
interconnects neocortex overprotects    

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