displace 96 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
ace base bass brace case
chaise chase dace face grace
lace mace pace place race
space trace vase  
2 syllables:
abase airspace apace backspace birthplace
boldface bookcase bootlace braincase briefcase
coupes crankcase crawlspace debase deface
disgrace displace dogface doughface efface
embrace encase enlace erase fireplace
footrace headrace headspace incase lactase
lightface millrace misplace notecase outface
outpace outrace paleface replace retrace
scapegrace shoelace showcase showplace slipcase
smearcase someplace staircase subspace sucrase
suitcase tailrace thrombase typeface ukase
unlace watchcase wheelbase whiteface  
3 syllables:
about-face aerospace anyplace commonplace database
esterase everyplace firebase hyperspace interface
interlace interspace lowercase marketplace microspace
nuclease pillowcase steeplechase uppercase  

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