76 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
aides aids blades braids fades
glades grades jades lades maids
raids shades spades suedes trades
2 syllables:
arcades barmaids blockades bridesmaids brigades
brocades cascades charades cockades crusades
decades degrades dissuades downgrades evades
eyeshades grenades handmaids housemaids invades
limeades mermaids milkmaids nightshades nursemaids
parades persuades pervades pomades stockades
sunshades switchblades tirades upbraids upgrades
3 syllables:
accolades aquacades barricades bastinades cannonades
cavalcades chambermaids colonnades dairymaids enfilades
escapades everglades fusillades lemonades marinades
marmalades masquerades motorcades orangeades palisades
promenades renegades retrogrades serenades  
4 or more syllables:

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