dots 74 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
blots clots cots dots jots
knots lots naughts plots pots
rots scots shots slots sots
spots squats swats thoughts tots
trots watts yachts  
2 syllables:
ascots bowknots boycotts cachepots crackpots
culottes dashpots dogtrots ersatz feedlots
fiats fleshpots fusspots garrotes gavottes
gunshots hotshots inkblots jackpots kumquats
mascots moonshots nightspots onslaughts potshots
robots sandlots sexpots shallots slingshots
slipknots snapshots subplots sunspots teapots
topknots wainscots  
3 syllables:
aeronauts afterthoughts apricots aquanauts astronauts
coffeepots cosmonauts flowerpots huguenots juggernauts
kilowatts oceanauts ocelots polyglots  

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