explain 159 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
bane blain brain cain cane
chain crane dane deign drain
fain feign gain gawain grain
jane lain lane main maine
mane pain pane plain plane
rain reign rein sane seine
skein slain spain sprain stain
strain swain train twain vain
vane vein wain wane  
Two-syllable rhymes:
abstain again airplane arcane arraign
attain biplane birdbrain bloodstain butane
campaign champagne champaign chicane chlordane
chow-mein cocaine complain constrain contain
coxswain deplane detain disdain dogbane
domain elaine emplane enchain engrain
enplane entrain explain eyestrain fleabane
floodplain forebrain germane henbane hindbrain
humane inane ingrain insane lamebrain
maintain membrane methane midbrain midpain
midplane migraine mortmain mundane obtain
octane ordain pertain profane propane
ptomaine quatrain refrain regain remain
restrain retain retrain seaplane sustain
tearstain terrain tisane ukraine unchain
urbane vervain volplane warplane wolfsbane
Three-syllable rhymes:
aeroplane afterbrain afterpain appertain aquaplane
ascertain cellophane charlemagne chlorophane counterpane
counterstain entertain featherbrain foreordain gyroplane
hurricane hydroplane inhumane monoplane novocain
novocaine overlain overtrain preordain rattlebrain
reattain scatterbrain submontane sugarcane suzerain
taxiplane underlain urethane windowpane  
Four-or-more syllable rhymes:

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