fast 69 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
blast cast caste classed fast
gassed glassed grassed last massed
mast passed past sassed vast
2 syllables:
aghast amassed avast bedfast belfast
bombast broadcast bypassed contrast degassed
downcast forecast foremast handfast harassed
lambast lambaste mainmast miscast newscast
outcast outclassed outlast recast repast
roughcast sandblast setfast sitfast sportscast
steadfast surpassed teargassed topmast trespassed
3 syllables:
chloroplast chromoblast colorcast colorfast flabbergast
hypoblast mizzenmast overcast pederast protoplast
rebroadcast simulcast telecast unsurpassed  
4 or more syllables:
iconoclast osteoblast radiobroadcast radiocast  

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