fellowship 148 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
blip chip clip dip drip
flip grip gyp hip kip
lip nip pip quip rip
scrip ship sip skip slip
snip strip tip trip whip
yip zip  
2 syllables:
airship airstrip bullwhip catnip clerkship
courtship cowslip deanship equip filmstrip
flagship friendship handgrip hardship harelip
heirship horsewhip judgeship kingship kinship
lightship lordship outstrip parsnip saintship
sideslip spaceship starship steamship township
troopship unzip wardship warship  
3 syllables:
airmanship authorship battleship brinkmanship bursarship
cadetship captainship censorship chairmanship chancellorship
chieftainship colonelship comradeship consulship coverslip
craftsmanship dealership doctorship draftsmanship fellowship
fingertip gamesmanship generalship horsemanship internship
kindredship kinsmanship ladyship leadership marksmanship
mayorship membership motorship oarsmanship ownership
partnership pastorship penmanship pillowslip premiership
readership scholarship seamanship showmanship sponsorship
sportsmanship statesmanship stewardship swordsmanship tellership
tenantship trusteeship tutorship underlip upmanship
weatherstrip workmanship yachtsmanship  
4 or more syllables:
accountantship acquaintanceship admiralship apostleship apprenticeship
assessorship bipartisanship championship citizenship commissionership
companionship conservatorship containership copartnership cosponsorship
custodianship dictatorship directorship discipleship editorship
entrepreneurship executorship governorship professorship proprietorship
receivership relationship subpartnership successorship  

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