gloom 76 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
bloom boom broom doom flume
fume gloom glume groom loom
plume rheum room spume tomb
vroom whom womb zoom  
Two-syllable rhymes:
abloom assume ballroom barroom bathroom
bedroom board-room bridegroom broadloom cardroom
checkroom classroom cloakroom coatroom consume
costume courtroom darkroom day-room entomb
exhume foredoom headroom heirloom homeroom
jibboom legroom legume lunchroom mushroom
newsroom perfume playroom poolroom pressroom
presume resume saleroom salesroom schoolroom
showroom sickroom stateroom stockroom storeroom
strongroom subsume taproom targum toolroom
vacuum volume wardroom washroom workroom
Three-syllable rhymes:
anteroom elbowroom      

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