hightails 83 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
ails ales bails bales dales
fails flails gales hails hales
jails mails males nails pails
pales rails sails sales scales
shales snails stales tails tales
trails veils wails wales whales
2 syllables:
airedales airmails assails avails bewails
blackmails bobtails cattails coattails cocktails
contrails curtails derails details dovetails
entails exhales fantails females foresails
handrails hangnails hightails hobnails horsetails
impales inhales mainsails marseilles percales
pigtails prevails remails resales retails
taffrails telltales thumbnails toenails topsails
travails unveils wagtails wholesales  
3 syllables:
cottontails countervails fingernails martingales monorails
nightingales ponytails swallowtails tattletales  

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