hit rhymes 80 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
bit brit chit fit flit
grit hit it kit knit
lit mit mitt nit pit
quit sit skit slit spit
split sprit teat tit twit
whit wit writ zit  
Two-syllable rhymes:
acquit admit armpit backbit bandit
befit bowsprit close-knit cockpit commit
credit culprit dimwit emit floodlit
frostbit half-wit housesit legit misfit
moonlit nitwit obit omit outfit
outhit outsit outwit permit pinch-hit
refit remit sanskrit starlit submit
sunlit tidbit tomtit transmit twilit
unfit unknit unlit    
Three-syllable rhymes:
baby-sit benefit counterfeit hypocrite readmit
recommit resubmit retrofit    

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