holes rhymes 64 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
bowls coals doles foals goals
holes knolls moles poles polls
roles rolls scrolls shoals soles
souls stoles strolls tolls trolls
voles wholes      
Two-syllable rhymes:
armholes bankrolls bedrolls cajoles chuckholes
condoles consoles controls creoles enrolls
extols fishbowls flagpoles foxholes hellholes
insoles keyholes kneeholes knotholes loopholes
manholes maypoles paroles patrols payrolls
peepholes pinholes portholes potholes resoles
ridgepoles tadpoles washbowls    
Three-syllable rhymes:
buttonholes camisoles casseroles cubbyholes decontrols
escaroles pigeonholes rigmaroles seminoles  

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