inject 90 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
checked decked flecked necked pecked
sect specked trekked wrecked  
2 syllables:
abject affect aspect bedecked bisect
bullnecked collect connect convect correct
defect deflect deject detect direct
dissect effect eject elect erect
expect henpecked infect inflect inject
insect inspect neglect object perfect
prefect project prosect prospect protect
rechecked reflect reject resect respect
select shipwrecked subject suspect transect
trisect unchecked v-necked  
3 syllables:
architect circumspect dialect disaffect disconnect
disinfect disrespect genuflect incorrect indirect
insurrect intellect interject intersect introspect
misdirect preselect quadrisect recollect reconnect
redirect reelect reinspect resurrect retrospect
rubbernecked vivisect  
4 or more syllables:
aftereffect hypercorrect interconnect overcorrect overprotect

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