insecure 70 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
boor cure fluor lure moor
poor pour pure spoor sure
tour you're your  
2 syllables:
adjure allure amour assure azure
brochure cocksure couture demure detour
endure ensure grandeur immure impure
insure inure kippur liqueur manure
mature obscure outpour procure saviour
secure tambour tenure unsure velour
3 syllables:
amateur coinsure connoisseur embouchure epicure
immature insecure ligature manicure overture
paramour pedicure pompadour premature reassure
reinsure saboteur sinecure tablature troubadour
4 or more syllables:
carillonneur entrepreneur investiture literature miniature
overinsure provacateur  

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