jam 89 End Rhymes

One-syllable words:
am cam clam cram dam
damn dram gram ham hamm
jam jamb lamb ma'am pram
ram sam scam scram sham
slam swam tram wham yam
Two-syllable words:
abscam buckram doorjamb engram exam
flimflam grandam iamb logjam madame

milldam outswam program programme quondam
Three-syllable words:
abraham aerogram aerogramme amsterdam anagram
birmingham cablegram centigram cryptogram decagram
dekagram deprogram diagram diaphragm epigram
hectogram hexagram histogram hologram kilogram
kymogram milligram minicam monogram nomogram
pentagram phonogram pneumogram polygram reprogram
rotterdam scalogram scattergram skiagram spectrogram
spirogram telegram thermogram tomogram  
Four-or-more syllable words:
angiogram cardiogram ideogram oscillogram parallelogram
polarogram radiogram sociogram stereogram  

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