lips 88 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
blips chips clips dips drips
flips grips gyps hips kips
lips pips quips rips scrips
ships sips skips slips snips
strips tips trips whips yips
Two-syllable rhymes:
airships airstrips catnips conscripts courtships
cowslips deanships eclipse ellipse equips
filmstrips flagships friendships hardships harelips
horsewhips judgeships kingships kinships lightships
lordships midships outstrips parsnips spaceships
steamships subscripts townships transcripts troopships
unzips warships      
Three-syllable rhymes:
battleships chairmanships colonelships consulships dealerships
fellowships fingertips generalships manuscripts mayorships
motorships partnerships pillowslips premierships readerships
sponsorships trusteeships underlips weatherstrips  
Four-or-more syllable rhymes:
acquaintanceships admiralships apocalypse apostleships apprenticeships
championships cosponsorships dictatorships directorships editorships

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