mistakes 71 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
aches bakes brakes breaks cakes
drakes ex fakes flakes hakes
lakes makes quakes rakes shakes
sheikhs sheiks slakes snakes stakes
steaks takes wakes  
2 syllables:
awakes backaches beefsteaks betakes cheesecakes
clambakes cornflakes cupcakes daybreaks earaches
earthquakes firebreaks forsakes fruitcakes grubstakes
handshakes headaches heartaches heartbreaks hoecakes
hotcakes intakes jailbreaks keepsakes mandrakes
mistakes muckrakes namesakes oatcakes outbreaks
pancakes partakes remakes retakes shortcakes
snowflakes sweepstakes toothaches uptakes windbreaks
3 syllables:
bellyaches coffeecakes griddlecakes overtakes rattlesnakes
reawakes stomachaches undertakes  

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