own 161 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
blown bone clone cone crone
drone flown groan grown hone
joan known loan lone moan
mown own phone pone prone
roan scone sewn shone shown
sown stone throne thrown tone
Two-syllable rhymes:
aitchbone alone atone axone backbone
bemoan birthstone bloodstone breakbone breastbone
brimstone brownstone capstone cheekbone chinbone
clingstone cologne condone curbstone cyclone
depone dethrone disown earphone enthrone
estrone evzone fieldstone flagstone flyblown
foreknown freestone gallstone gemstone gladstone
gravestone grindstone hailstone halftone headphone
headstone hearthstone hipbone homegrown hormone
hotzone ingrown intone jawbone ketone
keystone lactone limestone loadstone milestone
millstone moonstone oilstone outgrown outshone
ozone peptone pinbone postpone pulpstone
reloan rezone rhinestone ringbone sandstone
shinbone soapstone soupcon tailbone thighbone
tombstone touchstone trombone unknown unmown
unsewn whetstone windblown wishbone xanthone
Three-syllable rhymes:
acetone allophone anklebone baritone chaperon
cherrystone cobblestone collarbone cornerstone cortisone
cuttlebone dictaphone gramophone halazone herringbone
holystone homophone hydrazone hydrophone knucklebone
marrowbone megaphone methadone microphone monotone
overblown overflown overgrown overthrown overtone
picturephone rotenone saxophone silicone steppingstone
telephone unbeknown undertone vibraphone whalebone
xylophone yellowstone      
Four-or-more syllable rhymes:
progesterone radiophone testosterone    

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