potsherds rhymes 79 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
birds curds girds herds nerds
thirds words      
Two-syllable rhymes:
backwards bastards billiards blackbirds blizzards
bluebirds buzzards buzzwords bywords catbirds
catchwords coloreds cowards cowbirds crosswords
cupboards custards dastards downwards drunkards
edwards forewords forwards gizzards goatherds
halberds halyards hazards headwords herefords
homewards innards jailbirds jaybirds lanyards
leopards lizards loanwords lovebirds mallards
niggards northwards onwards orchards oxfords
passwords pilchards placards potsherds records
redbirds rewords seabirds shepherds shorebirds
sluggards songbirds spaniards standards stewards
tankards upwards vineyards vizards watchwords
Three-syllable rhymes:
afterwards hummingbirds ladybirds mockingbirds undergirds

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