81 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
gives lives shivs sieves  
2 syllables:
captives datives forgives missives motives
natives octaves olives outlives relives
3 syllables:
ablatives additives adhesives adjectives collectives
compulsives conjunctives connectives correctives corrosives
depressives detectives directives electives expletives
explosives fixatives fugitives genitives incentives
intensives invectives laxatives narratives neckerchieves
negatives nonnatives objectives offensives perspectives
possessives preventives primitives progressives purgatives
reflexives relatives sedatives subjunctives substantives
subversives vocatives  
4 or more syllables:
accusatives affirmatives attributives comparatives conservatives
contraceptives cooperatives correlatives counteroffensives derivatives
executives imperatives infinitives initiatives locomotives
nominatives operatives prerogatives preservatives preventatives
representatives restoratives stimulatives superlatives  

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