sites 131 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:

bights bites blights bytes cites fights
flights frights heights kites knights lights
lites mights mites nights plights rights
rites sights sites slights smites spites
sprites tights whites wrights writes  

Two-syllable rhymes:

alights backbites birthrights bobwhites bombsights bullfights
campsites cockfights daylights delights dendrites dogfights
excites fanlights ferrites flashlights fleabites floodlights
footlights fortnights frostbites gaslights ghostwrites gunfights
handwrites headlights highlights houselights ignites incites
indicts insights invites lignites limelights midnights


millwrights moonlights nitrites outfights penlights playwrights
prizefights recites requites rewrites searchlights shipwrights
sidelights skylights spaceflights spotlights stoplights sulfites
taillights tektites termites twilights typewrites unites
uprights wainwrights wheelwrights      

Three-syllable rhymes:

appetites canaanites copyrights crystallites darwinites dynamites
eremites expedites extradites hellgrammites israelites kilobytes
lymphocytes megabytes mennonites muscovites neophytes overflights
oversights parasites plebiscites reignites reunites satellites
socialites sodomites stalactites stalagmites sybarites transvestites

Four-or-more syllable rhymes:

biosatellites electrolytes hermaphrodites meteorites overexcites suburbanites
tokyoites wyomingites        

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