spell 98 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
bell belle cell dell delle
dwell ell fell gel hell
jell knell pell quell sell
shell smell spell swell tell
well yell      
Two-syllable rhymes:
barbell befell bluebell bombshell bridewell
brinell cartel clamshell compel cornell
cowbell cromwell dispel doorbell dumbbell
eggshell excel expel farewell foretell
gazelle groundswell harebell hotel impel
indwell inkwell lapel michelle misspell
morel motel nacelle nobel noel
novell nutshell orwell outsell outspell
outyell pastel propel rebel repel
resell retell riel shrapnel shrapnell
speedwell stairwell subcell unwell  
Three-syllable rhymes:
becquerel caravel carousel carrousel clientele
cockleshell decibel demoiselle fontanel fontanelle
jezebel muscatel oversell parallel personnel
photocell pimpernel show-and-tell tortoiseshell undersell
Four-or-more syllable rhymes:
mademoiselle nonparallel      

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