tall 123 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
all awl ball bawl brawl
call crawl doll drawl droll
fall gall gaul gaulle haul
kraal mall maul moll pall
paul pawl saul scrawl shawl
small sol spall sprawl squall
stall tall thrall trawl wall
2 syllables:
appall awol baseball befall blackball
catcall catchall cornball cresol cure-all
drywall enthrall eyeball football footfall
forestall glycol goofball hairball handball
hardball highball icefall install landfall
meatball menthol mothball nepal nightfall
oddball parol pinball pitfall pratfall
puffball rainfall recall riyal rockfall
screwball seawall shortfall sidewall snowball
snowfall softball speedball spitball stonewall
whitehall whitewall windfall windgall xylol
3 syllables:
aerosol alcohol barbital basketball cannonball
carryall coverall creosol disenthrall ethanol
fireball gasohol knuckleball mannitol methanol
overall overhaul parasol protocol racquetball
reinstall sorbitol tattersall tetherball therewithal
volleyball waterfall wherewithal xylitol  
4 or more syllables:
cholesterol neanderthal phenobarbital  

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