tears rhymes 102 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
beers biers blears cheers clears
dears ears fears fleers gears
hears jeers leers nears peers
piers queers rears sears seers
shears sheers smears sneers spears
steers tears tiers veers years
Two-syllable rhymes:
adheres algiers appears arrears besmears
brassieres careers cashiers coheres dogears
emirs endears fakirs frontiers killdeers
midyears mishears nadirs premieres premiers
reindeers veneers      
Three-syllable rhymes:
atmospheres auctioneers balladeers bandoleers bandoliers
bathyspheres belvederes biospheres bombardiers boutonnieres
buccaneers budgeteers cannoneers cavaliers commandeers
disappears domineers elixirs engineers exospheres
financiers gadgeteers gazetteers gondoliers grenadiers
hemispheres hydrospheres interferes junketeers lavalieres
marketeers mountaineers muleteers musketeers mutineers
overhears perseveres photospheres pioneers privateers
profiteers puppeteers racketeers reappears souvenirs
volunteers yesteryears      
Four-or-more syllable rhymes:
conventioneers electioneers ionospheres    

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