term rhymes 57 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
berm firm germ perm sperm
squirm term therm worm  
Two-syllable rhymes:
affirm bloodworm bookworm confirm cutworm
deworm earthworm flatworm fullterm gapeworm
glowworm hairworm heartworm hookworm inchworm
infirm long-term lungworm midterm misterm
pinworm ringworm roundworm screwworm seatworm
silkworm tapeworm threadworm woodworm  
Three-syllable rhymes:
angleworm armyworm blastoderm cankerworm disaffirm
disconfirm dynatherm hypoderm isotherm mesoderm
oosperm pachyderm periderm reaffirm reconfirm
stenotherm zygosperm      
Four-or-more syllable rhymes:
angiosperm poikilotherm      

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