that 77 End Rhymes

One-syllable words:
at bat batt brat cat
chat drat fat flat gnat
hat mat matt matte pat
plat rat sat scat scatt
skat slat spat splat sprat
stat tat that vat  
Two-syllable words:
begat bobcat brickbat chitchat combat
cravat defat dingbat doormat format
hellcat hepcat housesat jurat landsat
muscat muskrat nonfat polecat thereat
tomcat whereat wildcat wombat  
Three-syllable words:
acrobat autocrat automat bureaucrat butterfat
caveat copycat democrat diplomat habitat
hemostat laundromat noncombat photostat pitapat
plutocrat pussycat reformat rheostat technocrat
Four-or-more syllable words:
aristocrat bacteriostat humidistat    

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