vanished 75 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
dished fished swished wished  
2 syllables:
anguished banished blandished blemished brandished
burnished cherished famished finished flourished
furbished furnished garnished languished lavished
nourished perished polished published punished
ravished relished skirmished tarnished unwished
vanished vanquished varnished  
3 syllables:
abolished accomplished admonished astonished demolished
diminished distinguished embellished established extinguished
impoverished malnourished refinished refurbished refurnished
relinquished replenished republished revarnished unblemished
uncherished unfinished unfurnished ungarnished unnourished
unpolished unpublished unpunished untarnished unvanquished
4 or more syllables:
overembellished overfurnished preestablished reestablished semifinished
unaccomplished undernourished undiminished unembellished unestablished
unextinguished unrelinquished  

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