void 71 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
buoyed freud toyed void  
2 syllables:
adenoid alloyed android annoyed avoid
cancroid conoid convoyed decoyed dendroid
deployed destroyed devoid discoid employed
enjoyed keloid lymphoid mastoid negroid
octroyed sarcoid schizoid sigmoid sphenoid
spheroid steroid tabloid thyroid toxoid
typhoid zincoid  
3 syllables:
alkaloid anthropoid asteroid bacteroid carcinoid
cardioid caucasoid celluloid cretinoid ellipsoid
embryoid eunuchoid hemorrhoid hominoid humanoid
hysteroid metalloid mongoloid overjoyed paranoid
pellagroid polaroid redeployed reemployed reenjoyed
rheumatoid sesamoid sinusoid solenoid syphiloid
trapezoid unemployed  
4 or more syllables:
hypothyroid meteoroid tuberculoid  

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