88 End Rhymes

1 syllable:
circ cirque clerk dirk irk
jerk kirk lurk murk perk
quirk shirk smirk turk work
2 syllables:
artwork beadwork berserk brainwork breastwork
brickwork bridgework brushwork bulwark casework
clockwork coachwork earthwork feltwork fieldwork
firework flatwork footwork framework frostwork
glasswork grillework grillwork groundwork guesswork
hackwork handwork headwork homework housework
knee-jerk lacework legwork lifework meshwork
millwork network outwork patchwork piecework
presswork rework roadwork salesclerk schoolwork
scrollwork spadework steelwork stonework taskwork
teamwork timework waxwork woodwork  
3 syllables:
basketwork busywork crewelwork fancywork handiwork
ironwork latticework masonwork masterwork metalwork
needlework openwork overwork paperwork plasterwork
stuccowork wickerwork  
4 or more syllables:
cabinetwork enamelwork  

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