worn 76 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
born borne corn horn lorn
morn mourn porn scorn shorn
sworn thorn torn warn worn
Two-syllable rhymes:
acorn adorn airborne baseborn bighorn
blackthorn buckthorn bullhorn careworn dearborn
dehorn firstborn foghorn forborne foresworn
forewarn forlorn forsworn forworn freeborn
greenhorn hawthorn hawthorne highborn inborn
inkhorn leghorn longhorn lovelorn lowborn
newborn outworn popcorn pronghorn reborn
seaborne shoehorn shopworn shorthorn soilborne
stillborn suborn timeworn tinhorn tricorn
twinborn unborn unshorn unsworn unworn
wayworn well-worn wellborn    
Three-syllable rhymes:
alpenhorn capricorn foreign-born overborne peppercorn
unicorn waterborne weatherworn    

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