pardon 152 Beginning Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes:
par parch parched pard pards
park parked parks parse parsed
part parts      
Two-syllable rhymes:
parboil parboiled parboils parcel parceled
parcelled parcels parches parching parchment
parchments pardner pardon pardoned pardoners
pardons parfait parfaits parka parkas
parker parkers parking parkway parkways
parlance parlay parlayed parlays parley
parleyed parleys parlor parlors parlous
parquet parqueted parses parsing parsley
parsleys parsnip parsnips parson parsons
partake partakes parted partial partied
parties parting partings partite partly
partner partners partook partridge partway
party parve parvis porridge  
Three-syllable rhymes:
parboiling parceling parcelling pardoner pardoning
parkinson parlayer parlayers parlaying parleyer
parleyers parleying parliament parliaments parlously
parmesan parqueting parquetry parsonage partaken
partaker partakers partaking parthenon partially
partible particle particles partisan partisans
partition partitioned partitions partitive partizan
partnership partnerships partridges partying  
Four-or-more syllable rhymes:
pardonable pardonably parkinsonian parliamentarian parliamentarians
parliamentary parsimonious parsimoniously parsimony parsonages
partialities partiality participant participants participate
participated participates participating participation participator
participators participatory participial participle participles
particleboard particular particularize particularized particularizes
particularizing particularly particulars particulate partitioning
party-liner party-pooper      

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