whisper 86 Beginning Rhymes

1 syllable:
which whiff whiffed whiffs whig
whigs whim whims whip whipped
whips whisk whisked whisks whist
whit whiz whizzed  
2 syllables:
whiffing whiffle whiffled whiggish whimper
whimpered whimpers whimsies whimsy whinnied
whinnies whinny whipcord whipcords whiplash
whipper whippers whippet whippets whipping
whipsaw whipsawed whipworm whisker whiskered
whiskers whiskey whiskeys whisking whisky
whisper whispered whispers whistle whistled
whistler whistlers whistles whistling whither
whittle whittled whittles whizzes whizzing
3 syllables:
whichever whiffletree whiffletrees whiffling whiggery
whimpering whimsical whimsically whinnying whiplashes
whippoorwill whippoorwills whipsawing whispering whisperings
whitsunday whitsuntide whittler whittlers whittling
4 or more syllables:
whichsoever whimperingly whimsicality  

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