february 189 Double Rhymes

Two-syllable rhymes:
aerie airy berry bury carrie
carry cherry dairy fairy ferry
glairy glary hairy jerry marry
merry nary parry prairie scary
sherry terry vary very wary
Three-syllable rhymes:
barberry bayberry bearberry binary blackberry
blueberry canary chokecherry cloudberry contrary
cranberry dewberry gooseberry hackberry library
miscarry mulberry primary raspberry rosemary
salisbury strawberry unwary    
Four-or-more syllable rhymes:
ablutionary abolitionary actuary adversary ancillary
antiquary apiary apothecary arbitrary aviary
axillary beriberi bestiary biliary boysenberry
bronchopulmonary budgetary canterbury capillary cardiopulmonary
cautionary cemetery checkerberry commissary confectionery
consignatary constabulary contemporary corollary coronary
counterrevolutionary culinary customary deflationary delusionary
depositary devolutionary dictionary dietary dignitary
disciplinary discretionary diversionary dromedary dysentery
elderberry elocutionary emissary evolutionary expansionary
expeditionary extraordinary february fragmentary functionary
funerary hereditary honorary huckleberry imaginary
incendiary inflationary interdisciplinary interlibrary interplanetary
involuntary itinerary january lamasery lapidary
legendary legionary libationary literary loganberry
luminary maxillary mercenary mesentery miliary
military millinery missionary momentary monastery
monetary mortuary necessary nondisciplinary nonmilitary
obituary officiary ordinary ossuary pecuniary
pensionary pituitary planetary precautionary preliminary
probationary promilitary pseudolegendary pseudoliterary pulmonary
quaternary reactionary revisionary revolutionary salivary
salutary sanctuary sanguinary sanitary secondary
secretary sedentary seditionary segmentary seminary
signatary solidary solitary stationary stationery
statuary subsidiary temporary tertiary tributary
unitary unmilitary unnecessary urinary veterinary
visionary vocabulary voluntary voluptuary vulnerary

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