author 116 First Syllable Rhymes

1 syllable:
2 syllables:
acute allah amen amens amish
auburn audit auger augers augur
augured augurs august austere author
auto autumn autumns ave aw-shucks
aweless awesome awestruck awful awing
awning awnings ayah ayahs occult
3 syllables:
acutely acuteness acuter acutest agape
audacious audited auditing audition auditioned
auditions augustine augustly augustness augustus
auspicious austerely austereness australia australian
australians authentic authoress autism autistic
autocrat autocrats autopsied autopsies autopsy
autumnal avante-garde awesomely awesomeness awestricken
awfully awfulness occultist occultists offensive
4 or more syllables:
audaciously audaciousness audacity auditioning augustinian
auspiciously auspiciousness austerity authentically authenticate
authenticated authenticates authenticating authentication authentications
authenticator authenticators authenticities authenticity autocracy
autocratic autocratically automated automatics automating
automation automaton automatons automotive autonomist
autonomous ayatollah ayatollahs occultism oscillatory
oscillogram oscillograph oscillographic oscilloscope oscilloscopes
oscilloscopic ostensible ostensibly ostensively  

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