habit 226 Last Syllable Rhymes

Two-syllable words:
abbot agate babbitt ballot basset
bigot billet bonnet bracket bucket
budget buffet bullet cabot carat
carrot circuit closet comet corset
cosset covet credit cricket crotchet
cruet davit debit diet digit
divot docket ducat edit facet
faggot fagot ferret fidget fillet
frigate gadget gamut gannet garret
gibbet gobbet granite grommet gullet
gusset habit hatchet helot hobbit
jacket janet karat latchet licit
limit linnet locket maggot mallet
market merit midget millet minute
moppet mullet nugget packet palate
palette pallet parrot pellet picket
pivot placket planet plaudit pledget
plummet pocket poet poppet posit
prelate privet profit prophet pullet
puppet quiet rabbet rabbit rachet
racket racquet ratchet riot rivet
rocket russet senate skillet snippet
socket sonnet spigot spinet spirit
sprocket striate stylet suet summit
tacit tappet tenet thicket ticket
tippet trivet turret valet visit
vomit wallet whippet wicket widget
Three-syllable words:
accredit albeit appellate bluebonnet bluejacket
caveat chariot cohabit collegiate composite
conduit cypriot decrepit delimit demerit
deposit discredit disquiet distillate elicit
exhibit explicit exquisite fussbudget heriot
howbeit idiot implicit inchoate inhabit
inherit inhibit inspirit intuit jackrabbit
lariat laureate nantucket noncredit nonprofit
novitiate opiate patellate patriot pawtucket
pickpocket prelimit prohibit reedit revisit
roseate skyrocket solicit straightjacket straitjacket
sultanate sunbonnet unquiet war-bonnet whodunit
Four-or-more syllable words:
appropriate associate baccalaureate commissariat compatriot
copy-edit disinherit double-digit expatriate flibbertigibbet
immediate inappropriate insatiate intercollegiate intermediate
iscariot licentiate overexplicit pomegranate precollegiate
professoriate proletariat proportionate reaccredit redeposit
retrorocket secretariat unaffectionate unexplicit whatchamacallit

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