nature 113 Last Syllable Rhymes

2 syllables:
archer bencher bircher capture clincher
cloture creature culture denture feature
filcher fixture flincher fracture future
gesture juncture launcher leacher lecture
lyncher marcher mixture moisture moocher
multure nature nurture pasture percher
picture pincher posture puncher puncture
rancher rapture rupture scripture sculpture
sloucher squelcher stature stauncher stricture
structure suture texture tincture tonsure
torture trencher venture vesture voucher
vulture welsher  
3 syllables:
admixture adventure amateur aperture armature
backbencher besmircher cofeature conjecture conjuncture
contracture cowpuncher curvature denature departure
enrapture forfeiture furniture indenture keypuncher
overture prefecture recapture signature subculture
substructure tablature temperature  
4 or more syllables:
acupuncture agriculture anaculture aquaculture architecture
caricature counterculture countersignature discomfiture expenditure
horticulture infrastructure intermixture investiture legislature
literature macrostructure manufacture micropuncture microstructure
misadventure musculature nomenclature peradventure superstructure
ultrastructure vasculature viticulture  

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