person 78 Last Syllable Rhymes

1 syllable:
son sun  
2 syllables:
arson bison boatswain bunsen caisson
carson coxswain datsun ensign flaxen
gibson godson grandson hudson ibsen
jackson jason jimpson johnson mason
opsin oxen pepsin person saxon
stepson stetson texan thompson toxin
trypsin vixen waxen  
3 syllables:
adamson addison anderson artisan chairperson
courtesan dioxin edison emerson freemason
garrison jefferson jettison madison medicine
moccasin myosin niacin orison parkinson
peterson retraction robertson robinson saracen
steapsin tennyson thyroxin unison unperson
4 or more syllables:
anatoxin antitoxin biomedicine bipartisan comparison
cytotoxin eructation exotoxin geomedicine leukotoxin
picrotoxin pyrotoxin  

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