133 Last Syllable Rhymes

2 syllables:
axis census isis lysis nexus
nisus plexus princess ptosis rhesus
sepsis stasis stypsis tarsus texas
3 syllables:
asepsis bandboxes cactuses catharsis caucasus
cirrhosis consensus diocese ellipsis emphasis
esthesis expanses genesis hypnosis katharsis
ketosis kinesis kyphosis leucosis leukosis
mitosis myosis necrosis nemesis nephrosis
neurosis oasis osmosis pegasus perosis
prognosis prolepsis prothesis psychosis sclerosis
stenosis sycosis syllepsis symphysis synapsis
syndesis synopsis syntaxis synthesis thrombosis
transfixes virosis zymosis  
4 or more syllables:
analysis antithesis anuresis archdiocese arteriosclerosis
autohypnosis bacteriostasis barotaxis biosynthesis cacogenesis
carcinosis diagnosis dialysis electrolysis electrotaxis
exegesis giardiasis halitosis heliotaxis hemostasis
homeostasis hydrolysis hypothesis ichthyosis kinesthesis
metamorphosis metastasis metatarsus metathesis misdiagnosis
monogenesis mononucleosis ontogenesis oogenesis ornithosis
orthogenesis overemphasis paralysis parenthesis peristalsis
photokinesis photolysis photosynthesis pollinosis polyhidrosis
prophylaxis pseudoparalysis psoriasis psychoanalysis psychogenesis
psychokinesis psychoneurosis psychosynthesis radiances reemphasis
schizogenesis scoliosis silicosis symbiosis syneresis
syngenesis telekinesis thermotaxis tolerances trichiasis
trichinosis tuberculosis utterances verminosis  

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