blowhard 70 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes

bard barred card chard charred
garde guard hard jarred lard
marred nard pard scarred shard
sparred starred tarred ward yard

Two-syllable rhymes

backyard barnyard bernard blackguard blowhard
bombard brickyard canard churchyard courtyard
debarred diehard disbarred discard dockyard
dooryard farmyard fireguard foreyard freightyard
graveyard junkyard lifeguard mansard mudguard
petard postcard regard retard reward
safeguard saleyard schoolyard scorecard shipyard
steelyard stockyard switchyard unbarred unmarred
unscarred vanguard      

Three-syllable rhymes

avante-garde bodyguard boulevard disregard interlard
leotard lumberyard milliard    

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