experiment 140 First-Syllable Rhymes

Two-syllable rhymes

exchange exchanged exclaim exclaimed exclaims
exclude excludes expect expects expel
expelled expels expend expends expense
expire expired expires explain explained
explains explode explodes exploit exploits

Three-syllable rhymes

exchanger exchanges exchanging exclaimer exclaimers
exclaiming exclosure excluded excluder excluders
excluding exclusion exclusions exclusive excursion
excursions expectant expected expecting expeller
expellers expelling expended expending expenses
expensive expiring explainer explainers explaining
explicit exploded exploder exploders exploding
exploited exploiter exploiters exploiting exponent
exponents exposing expulsion expulsions expunger

Four-or-more syllable rhymes

exchangeable exclamatory exclusively exclusiveness excruciating
excruciatingly excursionist excursionists expectable expectancies
expectancy expectantly expectedly expectorant expectorants
expectorate expectorated expectorates expectorating expectoration
expectorations expectorator expectorators expedience expediences
expediencies expediency expedient expediently expedients
expellable expendable expenditure expenditures expensively
experience experienced experiences experiencing experiential
experiment experimental experimentalist experimentally experimentation
experimenter experimenters experimenting experiments explainable
explanatory explicitly explicitness exploitable expositor
expositors expository expressionists extemporaneous extemporaneously
exterminate exterminated exterminates exterminating extermination
exterminations exterminator exterminators extricable  

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