legalizes 179 Beginning Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes

leach leached lead leads leaf
leafed leafs league leagued leagues
leak leaked leaks lean leaned
leans leap leaped leaps lease
leased leash leashed least leave
leaved leaves lee leech leeched
leek leeks lees lief liege

Two-syllable rhymes

leacher leachers leaches leaching leader
leaders leading leafage leafing leafless
leaflet leaflets leafstalk leafstalks leafy
leaguer leaguers leaguing leakage leaker
leakers leaking leaky lean-to leaner
leanest leaning leanings leanly leanness
leaper leapers leapfrog leapfrogged leapfrogs
leaping leaseback leasehold leaseholds leaseless
leaser leasers leases leashes leashing
leasing leastways leastwise leaving leavings
leeches leeching leeward leeway legal
legion legions leisure lemur lemurs
lesion lesions lethal lever levered
levers levi levis levite liaise
liaised libra lido lieder lieges
lima limas limo limos liter
liters litre      

Three-syllable rhymes

leaderless leadership leafhopper leafhoppers leafier
leafiest leakages leakier leakiest leakiness
leapfrogging leasable leaseholder leaseholders leewardly
legalese legalist legalize legalized legally
legalness legionnaire legionnaires leisureless leisurely
lenience lenient leotard leotards lethally
leverage leveraged levering levirate liaising
liaison liaisons lienable lienal lienholder

Four-or-more syllable rhymes

lederhosen legalism legalisms legalistic legalistically
legalization legalizations legalizes legalizing legionaries
legionary leniencies leniency leniently leonardo
lethality leverages leveraging levorotary levorotation

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