magic 820 Last-Syllable Rhymes

Two-syllable rhymes

attic bardic basic boric buick
chronic civic classic cleric clinic
colic comic conic critic cubic
cynic derrick epic eric ethic
finnic folic frolic gallic gamic
gimmick gnomic gothic graphic herdic
lithic logic lyric lytic magic
manic medic mimic myrrhic mythic
otic paddock panic phallic phasic
phonic physic pyrrhic relic rollick
sapphic scenic slavic sonic stannic
static stoic stomach strophic tannic
thermic tonic topic traffic traffick
tragic trophic tropic vatic vedic
xeric zoic      

Three-syllable rhymes

aaronic acrylic adamic aesthetic altaic
amebic amnesic angelic aortic aphasic
aquatic archaic arthritic ascetic asthmatic
athletic atomic atonic azoic barbaric
bionic biotic boracic botanic britannic
bromidic bubonic bulimic byronic caesuric
calcific calcitic caloric canonic carbamic
carbolic carbonic cathartic cephalic ceramic
chaotic choleric chromatic cosmetic cyrillic
dactylic daturic davidic deltaic demonic
dendritic despotic dichotic dogmatic dramatic
druidic dyadic dynamic dysphonic dystrophic
echoic ecstatic eidetic empathic emphatic
empiric enclitic endemic erotic erratic
eugenic euphoric euthermic exotic fanatic
folkloric frenetic galvanic gametic generic
genetic germanic glycolic graphemic graphitic
harmonic hasidic hebraic hedonic hellenic
hematic hepatic hermetic heroic herpetic
hispanic historic homeric horrific hydraulic
hygienic hypnotic hysteric icteric idyllic
ionic iridic ironic islamic italic
judaic judgmatic jurassic kathartic ketonic
kinetic laconic lymphatic maenadic magmatic
magnetic magnific malefic maleic manganic
masonic mechanic melanic melodic mephitic
mercuric meridic metallic methodic microbic
mishnaic mnemonic mongolic morbific moronic
morphemic mosaic narcotic nephritic neurotic
nomadic nucleic nuclidic numeric oleic
opsonic organic orthotic osmatic ossific
pacific pandemic pantropic pathetic pedantic
pelagic phlegmatic phonemic phonetic phosphatic
phosphoric phrenetic planktonic plasmatic platonic
plutonic pneumatic pneumonic poetic polemic
potassic potomac pragmatic prismatic prognathic
prolific prophetic prosaic prosodic prosthetic
psychotic ptomainic pulmonic purpuric quadratic
quixotic rabbinic rhapsodic rheumatic robotic
sabbatic sardonic satanic satiric schematic
schismatic sciatic sclerotic scorbutic semitic
seraphic silicic sinitic slavonic socratic
somnific spasmatic spasmodic specific spermatic
spondaic sporadic stanzaic stigmatic subsonic
subtopic sulfitic sulfonic sulfuric syllabic
symbolic symphonic synclitic synodic synthetic
syntonic systemic systolic tectonic terrific
tetanic teutonic thematic thoracic titanic
totemic transonic traumatic triadic triassic
tridermic trimorphic triphasic trochaic tympanic
tyrannic uralic vandalic vedantic volcanic
voltaic zirconic zygotic zymotic  

Four-or-more syllable rhymes

abrahamic academic acrobatic acronymic aerobatic
aerobiotic aerodynamic aeronautic alcoholic algebraic
allegoric allergenic alphabetic alphanumeric anabolic
anaesthetic analgesic analgetic analogic analytic
anatomic anecdotic anechoic anesthetic anthracitic
anthropologic anthropomorphic antibiotic antigenic antiheroic
antimagnetic antithetic anuretic apathetic apologetic
apostolic archaeologic archangelic archetypic aristocratic
aromatic arteriosclerotic asiatic astigmatic astronautic
astronomic atmospheric autocratic autographic automatic
axiomatic bacteriologic bacteriostatic bacteriotropic barographic
bibliographic bimetallic bioautographic biochemic biodynamic
biogenetic biographic biologic bioorganic blastodermic
blastospheric bureaucratic cachectic cacodylic cacogenic
calisthenic calligraphic calorific carcinogenic cardiographic
cardiokinetic cardiologic cartographic catalytic catastrophic
catatonic categoric charismatic choreographic chromoscopic
chromospheric chronologic cinematic climacteric climatologic
copolymeric counterphobic cryptographic cybernetic cyclopedic
cytologic cytotropic demagogic democratic demographic
dendrologic diabetic diabolic diachronic diacritic
diagrammatic dialytic diarrhetic diastolic diatonic
dietetic dioramic diplomatic diuretic dysenteric
ecologic economic electrolytic electromagnetic electronic
electrostatic emblematic empathetic encephalic encephalitic
endoscopic energetic enigmatic epicritic epidemic
epigrammatic epigraphic episodic eremitic ergographic
ergonomic escharotic esoteric ethnologic etiologic
evangelic exospheric exoteric fluoroscopic formulaic
gastronomic geodesic geodetic geographic geologic
geomagnetic geotropic glyceridic gyromagnetic gyroscopic
hallucinogenic halophilic hanseatic hegemonic heliotropic
heliozoic hemispheric hemophilic hemostatic hermaphroditic
hermeneutic heterotrophic hieratic hieroglyphic hippocratic
histologic histrionic holographic hologynic homeopathic
homeostatic homiletic homogenetic homographic homonymic
homophonic homorganic homozygotic honorific horologic
hydrocephalic hydrologic hydroponic hydrospheric hydrostatic
hyperbolic hyperdynamic hyperkinetic hypersonic hypocritic
hypomorphic hypotonic ichnographic ichthyotic ideologic
idiocratic idiomatic idiosyncratic idiotic imbecilic
immunologic indo-germanic infrasonic inorganic intervocalic
ionospheric isobaric isomeric isotonic isotopic
isotropic itaconic kaleidoscopic karyotypic kinaesthetic
kinematic kinesthetic lexicographic limonitic linoleic
lipophilic lithographic macrobiotic macroscopic mastodonic
mathematic matronymic megalithic melancholic melanotic
melodramatic mesenteric mesodermic mesozoic messianic
metabolic metamorphic metaphoric metaphysic meteoric
meteoritic meteorologic metronomic microscopic mineralogic
misanthropic misogynic monochromatic monogamic monogenetic
monolithic monomeric monophonic monosyllabic monotonic
morphologic multiphasic muriatic mutagenic myelinic
mythologic napoleonic naturopathic necrophilic necrophobic
neoclassic neomorphic neurologic nicotinic nonacademic
nonalcoholic nonallergenic nonathletic noncaloric nondiabetic
nondiplomatic nonidiomatic nonmetallic nonpoetic nonscientific
nonspecific nucleonic numismatic oceanic oceanographic
olefinic ontogenetic oogenetic operatic orthogenetic
orthographic orthopedic oscillographic oscilloscopic osteopathic
overdramatic overemphatic paleographic panchromatic pancreatic
panoramic pantomimic parabolic parakinetic paralytic
paramedic paraphasic paraplegic parasitic paregoric
parenthetic paresthetic pathologic patriotic patronymic
pedagogic pedologic pedophilic pegmatitic peridermic
periodic petrologic phagocytic pharisaic pharmaceutic
pharmacologic phenotypic philanthropic philatelic philharmonic
philosophic phonographic phonologic photogenic photographic
photokinetic photolytic photopathic photophilic photophobic
photospheric photosynthetic photothermic phototrophic phototropic
physiologic pictographic plutocratic pneumographic polarographic
policlinic polyclinic polygamic polygraphic polymorphic
polyphonic polysomic polysyllabic pornographic posthypnotic
prediabetic prehistoric preleukemic prepsychotic prescientific
problematic proctologic protoplasmatic prototypic protozoic
pseudoclassic pseudohistoric psychedelic psychoanalytic psychodynamic
psychogalvanic psychogenetic psychologic psychoneurotic psychopathic
psychosomatic psychotherapeutic ptolemaic puritanic quadraphonic
quadriplegic radiographic radiologic radioscopic rheostatic
saracenic scatologic schizogenetic schizophrenic scientific
seismographic semiautomatic semiotic serologic sialagogic
socioeconomic sociologic sodomitic sophomoric soporific
spectrographic spectroscopic spirographic spondylitic staphylococcic
stenographic stereophonic stereoscopic stethographic stethoscopic
stratigraphic stratospheric stroboscopic submicroscopic subnarcotic
subtetanic sudorific supersonic supraglottic sybaritic
sycophantic symbionic symbiotic sympathetic symptomatic
synergetic synesthetic syngenetic syphilitic systematic
tautomeric taxonomic technocratic technologic telegenic
telegraphic telepathic telephonic telescopic theocratic
theoretic theosophic therapeutic thermodynamic thermographic
thermostatic thermotropic tomographic topographic toxigenic
tragicomic transatlantic transoceanic transpacific trochanteric
typographic ugaritic ultrasonic unacademic unaesthetic
unathletic undemocratic undiplomatic undogmatic unemphatic
unesthetic unheroic unscientific unspecific unsystematic
virologic vitriolic workaholic xenolithic xerographic
zoodermic zoogenic zoologic zootrophic  

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