paper 99 Last-Syllable Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes

per purr      

Two-syllable rhymes

ampere blooper bumper camper casper
chirper clasper cooper crimper crisper
damper diaper dumper gaper grasper
grouper gulper hamper harper helper
hooper hyper jasper jodhpur jumper
keeper lisper looper pamper paper
pauper piper plumper pooper popper
proper prosper pumper rasper romper
roper scalper scamper scarper sharper
simper sleeper sniper snooper sopor
stamper stomper stumper stupor super
swamper swooper tamper temper thumper
torpor tramper trooper vapor vesper
viper warper weeper whimper whisper
whooper wiper      

Three-syllable rhymes

caliper calliper cardsharper curlpaper distemper
flypaper gossiper innkeeper juniper minesweeper
newspaper notepaper peacekeeper sandpiper soft-soaper
stockkeeper timekeeper wallpaper wastepaper worshiper

Four-or-more syllable rhymes

enveloper paratrooper party-pooper super-duper  

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