victory 374 Last-Syllable Rhymes

Two-syllable rhymes

briery bury cadre cowrie cowry
dowry guildry henry jewry maori
padre scenery scurry spiry surrey

Three-syllable rhymes

archery armory artery augury avowry
babbittry bakery banditry battery beanery
beggary bindery blistery blubbery blustery
boilary bootery bottomry boundary bowery
brasserie bravery brewery bribery buggery
burglary butchery buttery calgary calorie
calory calvary camporee cannery canonry
cattery cavalry celery century chancellery
chancellory chandlery cheatery chivalry cindery
clattery conferee cookery coppery coquetry
coterie creamery crockery crookery cursory
cutlery daiquiri deanery devilry diary
doddery doggery drapery drudgery dungaree
eatery embracery emery enquiry equerry
every factory fakery falconry feathery
fieri fiery finery fishery flattery
floury flowery fluttery foolery foppery
forgery friary frippery gadgetry gallery
gaucherie gimmickry gingery glittery glossary
granary greenery gregory grocery gunnery
hatchery heathery hickory hillary history
honoree hosiery hostelry hungary imagery
injury ivory jamboree japery jewelry
jittery jobbery knavery lathery leathery
lechery littery livery lottery luxury
mammary martyry masonry mastery memory
mercury mimicry misery missilery mockery
mummery mystery napery notary nunnery
nursery offeree ornery outlawry ovary
oystery papery parquetry peccary penury
peppery perjury pessary piggery pillory
pinery piscary plastery pledgery plenary
potpourri pottery powdery priggery prudery
quackery quandary quavery quivery rectory
referee retiree revelry reverie revery
rivalry robbery rockery roguery rookery
rosary rotary rubbery salary salisbury
savagery savory savoury scullery sectary
sensory shimmery shivaree shivery showery
shrubbery silvery slavery slippery slithery
slobbery smeltery smothery snobbery soldiery
sorcery spermary spidery spivery spivvery
splintery stannary stitchery strangury sugary
summary summery surgery tannery ternary
thievery thuggery toggery tottery towery
tracery treachery treasury trickery trumpery
turbary twittery usury vagary venery
victory votary waggery watery weaponry
whiggery winery wintery wiry witchery
wizardry yeomanry zonary    

Four-or-more syllable rhymes

accessory adultery advisory alimentary anniversary
annunciatory antislavery apiary artillery auxiliary
benedictory beneficiary bewitchery bicentenary buffoonery
cajolery camaraderie charlatanry chicanery citizenry
complementary complimentary compulsory comradery connivery
contradictory debauchery delivery delusory demagoguery
derisory directory discovery dispensary dissatisfactory
distillery documentary electrosurgery elementary embroidery
exemplary extrasensory freemasonry gendarmerie gimcrackery
haberdashery housewifery illusory infirmary inquiry
intercessory interdictory interjectory introductory judiciary
lampoonery levorotary machinery maledictory manufactory
menagerie microsurgery midwifery montgomery multisensory
olfactory orangery parliamentary penitentiary peremptory
perfumery perfunctory periphery pettifoggery phylactery
possessory precursory preemptory prehistory psychoquackery
psychosurgery recovery redemptory rediscovery refinery
refractory rescissory rotisserie rudimentary satisfactory
sculduggery scullduggery secretory sedimentary self-flattery
skulduggery skullduggery sublunary subtreasury supervisory
supplementary surrenderee suspensory tomfoolery trajectory
unsatisfactory unsavory upholstery valedictory vinegary

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