tracks 147 End Rhymes

One-syllable rhymes

ax axe backs blacks clacks
cracks fax flacks flax hacks
jacks knacks lacks lax max
packs pax plaques quacks racks
rax sacs sax shacks slacks
smacks snacks stacks tachs tacks
tax thwacks tracks wacs wax
whacks wracks yaks    

Two-syllable rhymes

ajax anthrax attacks backpacks backtracks
beeswax bivouacs blackjacks bootblacks borax
broadax bushwhacks callbacks climax comebacks
cossacks cutbacks drawbacks earwax fastbacks
feedbacks flapjacks flashbacks fullbacks gimcracks
greenbacks halfbacks hardbacks hatchbacks haystacks
hijacks hogbacks humpbacks hunchbacks impacts
kayaks kickbacks knapsacks knickknacks lilacs
macaques mossbacks pickax pickaxe pollacks
pullbacks racetracks ransacks reacts refracts
relax repacks rollbacks rucksacks shellacs
sidetracks skyjacks slovaks smilax smokestacks
soundtracks storax styrax subtracts sumacs
surtax switchbacks syntax thorax throwbacks
thumbtacks tiebacks unpacks wetbacks wisecracks

Three-syllable rhymes

almanacs cadillacs canvasbacks counteracts crackerjacks
gunnysacks halifax haversacks ipecacs lumberjacks
maniacs overtax paperbacks parallax piggybacks
quarterbacks steeplejacks subcompacts supertax tamaracks
umiaks zodiacs      

Four-or-more syllable rhymes

amnesiacs anticlimax aphasiacs aphrodisiacs counterattacks
diamondbacks hemophiliacs hypochondriacs insomniacs kleptomaniacs
monomaniacs overreacts      

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